I'm still plugging along

So we finally got the move done and I've been able to get back into the swing of gaming.

Last I left off I was playing Borderlands and Enchanted Arms. I got all the way to the final boss in Borderlands and my save file became corrupted which was a tear inducing moment of frustration. In my opinion I as good as beat the game so I put that back on the shelf. It's good enough to come back to at some point, but it will be awhile.

I beat Enchated Arms which is the biggest popcorn game I've played in awhile. It's something you complete because you buy it, and it's not bad enough to stop playing completely but there's no real sense of satisfaction in beating it.

I've picked up Fallout 3 again because I never beat it the first time around. I'm still in the beginning which is a real struggle because you have to scavage for items hardcore. I'm currently trying to find the Museum of Technology, which is being an elusive creature.

I purchased Bayonetta and started it last week. This is one of the funnest games I have played in awhile. It's also super campy, really good looking, VERY frustration and super hard. I'm playing on normal difficulty and I stopped counting how many times I had died around 50. The worst part is the game grades and at the end of every chapter, so I know exactly how bad I suck.

Happy Post Cinco De Mayo

Jed and I had steak tacos, tequila sunrises with Corona and we watched Desperado. Best night ever.

So I've joined the cult of Facebook. I had decided not to a while ago, but I guess Facebook is like the Dark Side, nobody resists except for farm pansies with stupid haircuts.

Not much new in gaming, I'm still working on Borderlands and Enchanted Arms; Borderlands I'm still in New Haven and I'm up to level 25 with my Siren. I'm maxing out my shield capacity right now. In Enchanted Arms I'm on my way to Kyoto. I'm getting end of game weariness with this one. I'm really ready for it to be over but I've come too far to just quit.

Jed and I have made Tuesday night our game night. We do a special dinner, drink beers and game. We started a new Borderlands game together, he's playing as the hunter and I'm playing as the brick.

Gaming Update 4-28-09

I've decided to try to play through my game collection one game at a time, so I'm starting out with Borderlands and Enchanted Arms.

Borderlands I had started a few months ago but had never gotten very far into. So far I'm having a blast. I'm playing through as the Siren class, which I've heard isn't very good, but I have found is fantastic. The skill upgrades for this class is totally choice. My health regenerates when I phasewalk and I do shock damage when I phasewalk. Right now I'm in New Haven doing the menial missions before I go onto the story missions and I'm about level 24.

I had played Enchanted Arms a couple years ago, got to the final boss but never beaten it. It's fun, but a total get it and forget it game. The best part about it is the Golem collecting system. It's like Pokemon for grownups. Other than that, the story is dumb, the characters are laughable and the voice acting is so bad that I had to switch it to Japanese.

A Personal Shift

On Easter Sunday, Jed the kids and I went to the lodge my mom worked at the have brunch. While there my mom informed me that my dad might be losing his job, and with it the house and two of their cars. Basically everything they have worked their whole lives for would be gone in an instant. My parents have always been my role model for what it is to be a responsible adult, and in one minute that view was shattered. Jed and I have always lived paycheck to paycheck, and I figured that was ok because that's what my parent's did and they have always had what you would call an upper middle class life. I never realized that it could all be taken away so quickly.

Over the next month we have to get through court crap with Collette. There is a settlement hearing and if nothing comes from that, which it won't because she's a soul sucking twat, it will go go trial. After that we won't need the lawyer anymore and we can really start managing our finances the way we need too. 

Running against the tide

This is not a good time for RPG's. They haven't been rating high on reviewer's radar's and people just don't seem interested anymore. I think this is reflective of the current gaming market. Gaming has become instant gratification land and RPG's don't fit into that market. Games that take work and patience aren't the rage right now, so the market has slumped for those of my creed.

I have sunk my teeth into Magna Carta 2, White Knight Chronicles and Final Fantasy XIII. I am loving all three of these games. White Knight Chronicles is the lowest scoring of the bunch, but I'm not quite sure why. All of the reviews seem to take issue with the battle system, but it was almost identicle to that of Final Fantasy XII's and that game was praised for the way the combat worked. Magna Carta 2 is a gorgeous game with well developed enviroments and character renders. The only problem I have is that the design is so bizzare that the characters come off so surreal that I can't relate to them as people. As for Final Fantasy XIII, anyone accusing this game of being a "departure" is insane. The game perfectly translates the series signature ATB battle system into an engaging and exciting format, the game is so beautiful you realize what next generation graphics were developed for. The story is hard to follow at first, but once you understand the terminology and background it becomes as engaging and heartbreaking as any of it's predecessors.

I know a lot of people have written off the RPG genre as a lost cause, but I think if you look past the fact that it takes acutal effort instead of a series of quicktime events and gratuitious violence, you find a series of games that will captivate and keep you on your toes for hours.

book list

Currently Reading:
Dragons of Autumn Twilight

Next on the Shelves:

America; The Book
The Echo Maker
Fugitives and Refugees
A Great and Terrible Beauty
Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
A Home at the End of the World
Hunting Mr. Heartbreak
In Dubious Battle
Is There Life After Death?
King's Sacrifice
Lady of the Sea
Life and Times of Michael K
Lucifer: Devil in the Gateway
A Monk Swimming
Names My Sisters Call Me
On Truth
Out of the Silent Planet
Pereira Declares
Possession: A Romance
Prozac Nation
Red Mandarin Dress
Rouse up O Young Men of the New Age
Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes
The Simarillion
So Brave, So Young and Handsome
The Subterraneans
Talk, Talk
To Kill a Mockingbird
The United States of Wal-Mart
Violence, Nudity and Adult Content
Water for Elephants
When You Are Engulfed in Flames
The Winter of Our Discontent
You Suck
The Alchemist
American Born Chinese
And Only to Deceive
The Autograph Man
Batman: A Death in the Family
Be Good to Eddie Lee
Better Than Sex
Black Dogs
Blue Shoe
The Book of Ruth
Brick Lane
Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal
The Chicago World's Fair
The City of Falling Angels
Cold Mountain
The Curse of Lono
Darkly Dreaming Dexter
Death: The High Cost of Living
Dearly Devoted Dexter
Dexter in the Dark
Dragons of Spring Dawning
Eleven Minutes
Enemy Women
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
The Fifth Mountain
The Fountainhead
Garden Spells
The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing
Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers
Child of the Dark Prophecy
Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas
The Heart of the Buddha's Teachings
How to Be Alone
I Married a Communist
In Cold Blood
Issac's Storm
The Joke's Over
Kamikaze Girls
The Lady Elizabeth
Last Orders
Life and Times of Michael K
A Lion Among Men
Long After Midnight
Love and Other Games of Chance
A Map of the World
Masks of the Illuminati
Midnight's Children
The Moon is Down
The Music Lesson
The Neon Bible
On Death and Dying
Opium: A History
Pale Fire
The Perfect Storm

And now we come back down

So the move was as terrible as I thought it was. Two days of none stop moving and packing and lifting and driving. But we finally got through and got to our new house . . .  that we couldn't stay in for a week because a pipe had burst, an element in the water heater was kaput and the building inspector had not cleared the house for occupation.

We stayed with a friend while we were waiting and I was sound and fury on the phone to the property managers every day. After I had raised enough stink to fill a landfill, we finally got into the house. It has taken me until today to find a job. I was at the point of a nervous breakdown because I just couldn't find anything. I had picked up some part time work cleaning a local bank in town, but other than that, I couldn't even get an interview anywhere.

I went to the local grocery store last night and was telling the cashier about my troubles and she mentioned that a new girl there had not showed up or called in that day, so they were looking for someone new. I went in today and dropped off an application and the manager hired me on the spot. It doesn't pay as well as my last job, but the cost of living here is so much lower that it'll do for now. Plus, I am going to continue to clean the bank at night so I'll have some extra money coming in there.

In gaming news, I've been replaying some classics from when I was a wee 0bazooka0. I downloaded Crash Bandicoot 2 and Tekken 2 off the PSN, which were favorites of mine when I was living in California. I also started new games of Final Fantasy VII and IX. Jed got me a PSP game called Monster Summoner: Jewel Quest, which is kind of like Pokemon meets Shin Megami Tensei.

In my book world, I recently got quite the haul from the Seattle Goodwill. I took hom Tuesdays with Morrie, The Robber Bride, In The Woods, The Blind Assassin, The Memory Keeper's Daughter and the Tortilla Curtain. I recently got a copy of The Forest House from a friend, which was ok, but not as good as the Mists of Avalon. I've bee reading The Robber Bride. Margaret Atwood has to be one of the greatest authors of all time.

Hate hate hate

I hate moving. I hate it so, so, so much. I'm sick of boxes and tape and bubble wrap.

So, here's the skinny. I'm on my last week of work, which I'm actually pretty happy about because I'm getting sick to death of this place and all its drama. They still haven't hired my replacement. I gave them a whole months notice so that they could hire someone and I could train them. I was doing this more as a courtesy to my replacement then my work because when I was hired here I got NO training at all and had to play it by ear. I figured I'd at least give the next person a heads up, as opposed to hitting the ground running, so to speak.

So instead of a replacement they decide to demote the new sales woman. Now the logic behind this is that she already knows the showroom, she answers the phone in my place when I'm gone, and she's a kind of crappy sales person. Well, that just won't do as far as she's concered. She wants to be a fancypants, high-rolling sales star! So she quit. Today is her last day.

So I'm doing my regular job, trying as hard as I can to get as much as I can done in three days, and dealing with all the OMG DRAMAZ that are swirling around here like so much soft-serve ice cream.

We have a WINNAR!

The award for crappiest item system ever goes to *dramatic drumroll* Odin's Sphere!

Odin's Sphere could not be here to accept this prestigious honor, so I am accepting in it's place.

First of all I would like to thank the dickhead programmer who decided that being able to carry less than 30 items in a brawler was a great idea. Great job dildoclot!

Secondly the lazy ass editors who totally passed up this glaring flaw!

And finally, to myself to continue to play the game even though it frustrates the crap out of me.